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Do you have high quality holiday accommodation in Europe?
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Whether you have a bed and breakfast, holiday home, houseboat or apartment on offer, with this booking system you can easily rent out your accommodation 24/7, to guests from all over the globe!

DirectStay provides you with the bookings; you welcome the guests.
The use of this booking system is free of charge.

The booking system has been proven successful for over 10 years now and has been optimised for ease of use, after years of experience.

The benefits:
- No exclusivity required; you are free to work with any booking site
- You keep full control over your accommodation's rental price
- You can accept or decline any booking within 24 hours
- You choose your preferred payment method: either the guest pays you cash upon arrival or DirectStay transfers the payment to your PayPal- or bank account
- You can stop using the booking system at any time. No strings attached

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